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 Everything About NPC Farming

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PostSubject: Everything About NPC Farming   Everything About NPC Farming I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 03, 2009 4:23 am

** copied from **

This is a full copy from the original thread before it got deleted, all credits go to Sedlakos for the original combined post and the people who provided the information. Everything below the following line is copied from the original thread. (Added some punctuation and corrected some spelling though)


If you want your own NPC city you can build it by this way - conquer valley of level X ... build your new city in that spot ... go to another city you have, click main building - cities- abandon your new created city... now the city of level X will be ready for farming / conquering.

NPC city resources are replenish each 8 hrs, A barb city will take approx 1 hour to regenerate all to full (10% of the full amount per 6 minute tick). A barb city will also immediately regenerate approx 18% of all lost wall units each time some are destroyed. Example: if you destroyed 1000 towers and hit it again 1 second later 180 towers will be back.

Everything About NPC Farming Barbcityguide

(copied from ZORTHOX thanks)

Attacking low lvl NPC cities are mainly for resource and gold, this is done with ballistas to achieve 0 loses. The maximum level without loses is level 5, level 6 or more have trebuchets so you will always suffer losses there.
But there are ARCHER TOWERS... so you need specific tech level of archery and Horseback Riding (HBR).

Archery 08 / HBR 03 (Massive losses due to being in tower range)
Archery 08 / HBR 04 (Smalls losses from units but @ tower safe range)
Archery 08 / HBR 05 (0 Losses )
Archery 08 / HBR 06 (0 Losses )
Archery 08 / HBR 07 ( Small losses )
Archery 08 / HBR 08 (Massive losses due to being in tower range)
Archery 08 / HBR 09 (Massive losses due to being in tower range.)

Archery 09 / HBR 01 (Small losses from units but @ tower safe range)
Archery 09 / HBR 02 (0 Losses when using over 575 ballistas )
Archery 09 / HBR 03 (0 Losses )
Archery 09 / HBR 05 (Small losses from units but @ tower safe range)
Archery 09 / HBR 06 (Small losses from units but @ tower safe range)
Archery 09 / HBR 07 (Small losses from units @ tower safe range)

Archery 09 / HBR 08 (0 Losses )
Archery 09 / HBR 09 (0 Losses )

Archery 10 / HBR 0 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 05 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 06 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 07 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 08 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 09 (0 Losses )
Archery 10 / HBR 10 (0 Losses )

(copied from syoganai1111 thanks)

This number depends on your hero ATTACK attribute, the safe numbers for heroes with no attack with 0 loses are:
(Note: You still need one of the above zero loss Archery/HBR combinations)

20 Ballistas vs Lvl1 NPC
50 Ballistas vs Lvl2 NPC
170 Ballistas vs Lvl3 NPC
250 Ballistas vs Lvl4 NPC
550 Ballistas vs Lvl5 NPC

DONT FORGET TO HAVE RIGHT AMOUNT OF TRANSPORTERS!! they are similar to ballistas numbers so be sure that if you want farm you will take everything.

In previous thread you saw lvl of HBR/ARCH if there is small losses due to troops, number of ballistas should be higher.

Okay this is end, hope that there is everything important about farming... i don't mention medals because there have different drop rates on every server, and i don't mentioned tactics about LVL10, everyone should conquer it on their own.

So i hope that this one helps, thanks to everyone who was making these strategies, I only copied them in one big thread.

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Everything About NPC Farming
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